Dental crowns in Pflugerville, Texas, restore your teeth and smile to full strength, health and function. Explore our dental crowns gallery to see some of the results Dr. Keyurkumar Patel and Dr. Rachana Jha have achieved. Call Heritage Dental Care at 512-251-3575 to learn more and make an appointment with our dentists.

Before: The front left central tooth has a poor restoration. It does not look natural and is not contoured properly to match the gumline of the other teeth.

After: The restoration was replaced with an all-porcelain crown and contoured to match the gumline. The final result looks very natural and matches the shape and color of the patient’s teeth.

Before: A single tooth replacement is needed to restore the smile.

After: Smile and oral function restored with a single implant and a porcelain dental crown capping the implant post.

Before: Full-arch rehabilitation needed on both the upper and lower dental arches.

After: Patient received an implant-supported denture on the upper and lower arch to restore smile and chewing function as well as supporting facial tissues.

Before: Patient needed upper arch rehabilitation due to upper anterior teeth that were stained, had worn-down and chipped tooth edges, and gumline recession.

After: Patient’s smile restored with the placement of eight all-porcelain crowns. Gumline and tooth edges are now uniform, and the patient has longer, better shaped teeth to enhance their smile and aid in chewing and biting.

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